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Our Services

Kristina Innovative Development Service Co., Ltd. is a registered regional project developer, project implementer and Consulting Company in the field of Rural Development, Energy and Environment in Myanmar. We have four main business activities:

  1. - Advisory and Consulting
  2. - Business/Project Development
  3. - Project Implementation
  4. - Trading (Importing)

These business activities have a particular focus on the following sub-sectors:


We are a regional Project Developer, implementer and consulting Company whose mission is to help our partners and clients harness untapped resources, creative processes and appropriate technological solutions in generating rural development related to cleaner, more affordable energy, conserving it and contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment.


We envision our company at the forefront of providing sustainable solutions in the rural development  as well as in energy and environment sector in Asia and beyond. We aim to accomplish this through practical experience as a developer, use of best practices, wide knowledge base, unparallel competence and creation of value to our clients.

Core Values

  • - Principles over profits
  • - Significance more than success
  • - Responsibility before results
  • - Empowered and enhanced employees (E3)
  • - Customer welfare translating to shareholder benefits

OUR Value Proposition

Rarely matched in the region, the expertise and experience of KIDS encompass the technical, business and financial areas of rural development, energy and environment projects, giving our clients the whole and integrated package of project development and implementation services. The following features distinguish the team and offer great value to our clients:

  • - Regional/global experience, coverage and network
  • - Highly professional, responsive and flexible team
  • - Proven track record and successful references
  • - Comprehensive and integrated package
  • - Capability to mobilize multiple sources/forms of funding
  • - World-class service, regional knowledge, local price